Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1.

Meditation is hard.
I enjoyed it during our block period's practice, but I'm not even sure how long that was. For someone who is constantly out and about, working, being distracted, doing things- twenty minutes is a long time.
I tried so hard to center myself, to concentrate on just my breath, but my mind kept wandering to the time and my work. The first five minutes I really felt in control of myself, but twenty minutes of "just sitting" was disconcerting for my body; it had no idea what I was doing.
However, it did help me to calm myself down, clear my head from the stress of school (even if just for a short time), and let me take a deep breath before starting the rest of my work.
I'm going to continue meditating each day for this amount of time in the hopes that my body will get used to that relaxation and will look forward to the time I have for myself each day.